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Key Projects




Following is the partial list of power generation projects where our group actively participated

• 125 MW Lignite based Giral power plant.
• Renusagar power plants units 1 to 5 (65 MW each) and captive at Hindalco.
• Ukai power station 200 MW units 3, 4 & 5.
• 110 MW & 210 MW Gandhi Nagar TPS, Gujarat.
• Panki power station, 2 x 110 MW Parichha TPS.
• Captive power station at Jindal Raigarh / Monnet steel / shrimetallic.
• 210/250 MW STG – II & III Suratgarh thermal power station.
• Faridabad thermal power station.
• 2 x 30 MW CPP for ambuja cement, ambujanagar (Gujarat) (Owner Engineer).
• 2 X 507.5 MW Nagarjuna TPS, Udupi, Karnataka of M/s LANCO.
• 2 X 600 MW LANCO Anpara TPS.

(Already completed over 20 units of 15 to 210 MW TPS RLA / LE Studies). The job involved most elaborate testing of plants including turbine – generators (30/60/110/210 MW)

Boilers, Generator/ station/auxiliary/transformers, HT/LT switchgears & MCC, relay panels, switchyard equipment, and complete auxiliaries etc. to arrive at diagnostic state of equipment and life extension measures. The test included high voltage, IR/Pi, Relay testing, breaker performance tests, ultrasonic/ borosonic, DPT/ MPI, metallographic, creep, chemical analysis, prestigious plants include:

• Panki 32 MW TPS, UPSEB, boiler RLA study.
• Panki 110 MW TPS, UPSEB, turbine and generator RLA STUDY.
• Faridabad TPS (3 x 60) MW Units 1, 2, 3.
• Satpura TPS Units 5 x 60 MW Units 1,2,3,4 & 5.
• Amarkantak 2 x 30.
• Boiler of unit at Kolaghat TPS (West Bengal).
• 84 TPN BHEL boiler of CPP, BRPL, HRSG of GTPP IPCL Vadodara, 180.
• TPH BHEL boiler at GNFC Bharuch (through UPL).
• 120 MW TG & Auxiliaries of unit 5 of Korba East TPS, Chhatishgarh.
• HRSG # 2 at co-generations plant at hazira for ONGC.
• 110 MW boilers at Talcher TPS of NTPC.
• 110 MW (unit 1 & 2) & 210 MW (unit 3 & 4) boilers of Kota TPS.
• 210 MW Unit No. 4, Gandhi Nagar TPS boiler (GEB).
• 210 MW Unit No. 2, Wanakbori TPS boiler (GEB).

Diesel Power:
Smallest emergency generators up to 6 MW diesel based generation facilities.


Hydel Power Project:
2 x 500 KVA mini hydel project at Nidampur and 3 x 500 KVA mini hydel project at Daudhar,(Punjab).

We have the distinction of having done number of the most advanced, automatised,  sequentially, centrally operated material handling plants, involving large (multiple) collection / delivery points and long delivery distance. Also renovations carried out by us in existing plants have resulted in huge power saving, efficiency and handling rate improvement. Some of the important plants / projects done by us are listed below.



Ash Handling Plants:
(Over 25 Turnkey Installation for 15 to 250 Mw TPS)
• Fly ash (dry under vacuum) handling system with 60 TPH removal (Single stream) related to 2x67.5MW units 1&2 at Renusagar power Co. Ltd.,distt.Sonebhadra (UP) .
• Dry fly ash collection / handling, unloading and silo (200T) storage system at 210 MW UKAI unit 5 TPS,GEB. 
• Dry fly Ash collection / handling, unloading & silo (200T) storage system at unit 1&2 (2x120MW) Ghandhinagar thermal power station
• Bottom & fly ash handling and disposal system related to 2x100 TPH & 1X63TPH FBC boilers & 5NOS 33 TPH WHRB at jindal strips Ltd Raigarh.
• Ash handling package for 80 TPH FBC boiler at HINDALCO, Renukoot
• Fly ash handling system work 3x67.5 MW (Unit 3, 4, 5) at Renusagar power Co. Ltd.
• Design engineering & consultancy pertaining to augmentation / retrofitting of ESP’s & fly ash handling system of units 3, 4&5 (2x200MW+210MW) at Ukai TPS,GEB, Gujarat 
• Ash handling system for captive power plants for jindal steel / Monnet steel / Shri metallic
• Kota Thermal power station, 1x195 MW unit stage IV ash handling plants.
• Dry fly ash collection & disposal system With 200 T silo for Kota TPS units 3 & 4 (2x210 MW).
• Ash handling plants for Suratgarh stage III 250 MW unit.
• Ash handling system for 75 TBFBC Boiler for Banswara syntax Ltd. 
• Ash handling system for 81T FBC Boiler for Nalwa sponge Iron Ltd.
• Ash handling system for 4x9.6TPH WHRB (8MW CPP) For shree metalic Ltd.& 5 TPH dense phase coal dust conveying system for sponge iron plant.
• Ash handling system for jubilant organosys Ltd. Gajraula Plant


Coal Handling Plants:
• Lignite handling System for 125Mw Giral lignite power station.
• 1250TPH raw coal stacking & reclaiming plant for Ukai thermal power plant.
• Electrical of coal handling plants for 210 MW units Suratgarh stage II.
• Coal Handling Plant for 2x600MW Anpara ‘C’ Thermal Power Plant.
• Coal Handling Plant for 2x507.5MW Udupi Thermal Power Plant.
• Material handling system for 1.2MTPA Iron ore steel plant,loyds steel Ind Ltd, Barbel.



Major – Bio Mass Power Plants:
• 7.5 MW capacity, M/s S.M. Power Projects Ltd. Agricultural & Forest waste Karnataka (India) Bio-mass fuel
• 7.5 MW capacity, M/s R.B Power Generation Ltd. Poultry litter fuel.
• 20 MW capacity, M/s R.K. Power Ltd. Karnataka (India) Agricultural & Forest waste fuel
• 6 MW Municipal / Rural waste to Power Plant at Jabalpur (M.P), RDM Care
• 8 MW Bio-Mass Power Plant of San Carlos Bio-Energy Inc. (Philipins)
• TEFR for 15MW waste to energy power plant for M/s AMR Constructions Ltd.
• 6 MW Capacity, M/s R. Power Ltd. Rice Husk and or coal Andhra Pradesh, India
• 6 MW capacity, M/s S. Power Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Rice Husk and or coal
• 10 MW at Nakodar (LE)
• 10 MW at Garhshankar (LE)
• 3 MW/10 MW BIO Mass Power Plant DPR for KARMIC


Major Waste Heat Boiler / Power Plant:
• M/s. National Fertilizers Ltd. (NFL). 6 MW Punjab (India) 
• M/s. SEB Ltd. 7.2 MW Chhattisgarh (India) (Under Implementation)
• M/s Sponge Iron plant. 8 MW Orissa (India) (Under implementation )
Financial closure in process /awaited
• M/s. Jindal strips Ltd. 5 x 33 TPH Chhattisgarh (India) 
Waste Heat Boilers /Steam Generation plant .
• M/s. Shree Metalics Ltd. 8 MW (Waste Heat Recovery- Orissa (India) ( CPP)
• M/s. Shree Metalics Ltd. 8 MW (Waste Heat Recovery- Orissa (India) (CPP)


Water/ Effluent Treatment:
We/associates have very valuable and rich experience in design / supply / erection / commissioning of numerous water treatment plants all over India. Involving raw water intake / reservoirs, umping, sedimentation, aeration clarification, filtration, chlorination and clear water reservoirs & pumping schemes. Some key project are listed below.
• 9 MGD water treatment plant at Dhanbad for coal mining development authority (thru Richardson & Cruddas, Madras).
• 750 cubic m./hr.water treatment plants at RINL, Vishakapatnam.
• 80,000 GPH water treatment plant at Chandimandir, MES.
• 50,000 GPH water treatment plant at Hissar, MES. 
• 30,000 GPH water treatment plant at Suratgarh, MES.
• 60,000 GPH water treaement plant at Ramgarh, MES.
• 27.4 MLD water treatment plant at Bhilwara, PHED, Rajasthan.
• Effluent treatment plant of 2000 cubic m./ day at group gathering station IV, ONGC,Gujrat.
• Effluent treatment plant of 4000 cubic m./ day at group gathering station VII, ONGC,Gujrat.
• Effluent treatment plant FOR BOE complex at D.S.P.Durgapur.
• 540m / day sewage treatment plant at grasim cement, Shambhupura.

Electrical Substation & Distribution:
Large Number of substation have been involved in various Project (listed above) done by us having:
a. 11/0.433 KV sub-stations for various project with 500 to 2000 KVA multiple Transformations. HT/LT Panels, bus ducts etc.
b. 400 & 220 KV outdoor switchyard substation and generator transformers (125MVA, 240MVA), station and unit auxiliary transformer (8, 15, 30 MVA) in the power project in which we have been involed
c. 66 KV / 33KV Substation in industrial Plants & Township projects where we have been involved.
Partial list of substation/Electrification projects are as follows:
This is besides number of substation/electrifications carried out as part of turnkey power
projects/Material handling & building Services projects

• Under Grounding of 11 KV H.T. Lines & other associated works for Upgradation of HUDA Sector Roads, Gurgaon (Through IL& FS)
• 2Nos Substaion with 4 Nos 1000 KVA Transformers, SwitchGear, 11KV & L.T. cabling to conveyors, crushers, local control panels etc. for Nayveli Lignite Corporation, Barsingsar.
• Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 66/11KV Substations for Northern Railway.
• Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 16 KM, 110 KV D/C Transmission Line for Electricity Department of Goa.
• Design, Installation and Commissioning of 132/11 KV Substation for Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.
• Rural Electrification Infrastructure work under RGGVY for Jaipur Vidut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Rajasthan.
• Rural Electrification Infrastructure work under RGGVY for Ajmer Vidut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Rajasthan.
• Design, Installation and Commissioning of 6 Nos 132/11KV Substations for Haryana Vidut Prasaran Nigam Ltd.
• Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 21 KM, 132 KV Transmission Line for Haryana Vidut Prasaran Nigam Ltd.
• Design, Installation and Commissioning of 3 Nos 66/11 KV Substations for Punjab State Electricity Board Ltd.
• Design, Installation and Commissioning of 11 Nos 132/11KV Substations for RRVPNL.
• AMC of Division Punjabi Bagh, Tagore Garden, for M/s BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.
• Laying of service lines cables, installation of meters, MCB’s and Allied Works for M/s Reliance Energy Ltd.
• Various 11KV Substation underground cabling, HT & LT overhead line works for M/s BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.

Building Services:
State of art, with latest know how & features, complete safety, reliability& excellent aesthetics, Complete solution for electrical, Communication, data networking, security& surveillance, clock system, intelligence & automation system for commercial & industrial Buildings/ complexes/ townships. In electrical we cover captive generation, substation, internal-external distribution (including to mechanical plant & machinery, lift, Pump air-conditioner etc.) With all provisions for reliable power life DG Set, Servo/UPS/Inverter, lighting, small power, earthing, Lightning protection etc. with major emphasis of energy saving & conservations, eco-friendly installation. Our some of projects are highlighted below.


Electrification/ Upgradation at Indra Gandhi International Airport including International & Domestic Departure  reporting areas , emigration / visa on arrival , domestic to international / immigration / Pier areas / duty free shopping / food court/ other departure and arrival areas for international and domestic flights for M/S DELHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LIMITED 


• ICICI Regional Office/Branches at Rajlok Meerut, Jodhpur,Rohini Shalimar Bagh, Hanumangarh, Narela (Delhi), Ghaziabad, Sundernagar (Ludhiana), Sriganganagar, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Chandigarh, Bhadurgarh (Haryana).
• ING VYSYA Life Insurance office at Gurgaon.
• Birla Home Finance Office, New Delhi.
• Office of Lazard credit capital, Vasant Lok.
• SBI Life Insurance at Dariyaganz, New Delhi.
• JSC VTB Bank at Taz Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi.


Corporate Offices:
Power Trading Corporation Office, Damoder Valley Corporation office at Bhika Ji Kama Place, Phillips lighting division office, Phillips medical office, Cathey Pacific Airways, Rajsons, Modi Volvo, U Tell, Sharda office Interior, Usha Buissness centre, Khemka Aviation, Dresser Rand office, Panalytical & Strilling office, Select office, Dreamz office, Total office, Kuoni office, AFL office, Tata yellow Pages office, Suncity office & Odean builders office project (New Delhi); Karstradt office, Red Cat Asia Ltd.(Gurgaon); Tata Chemicals Ltd. Office, Noida; ITG Bandra office, Mumbai, NBAGR, Haryana.


Publication Houses:
Macmillan India Ltd. New Delhi, D.K . Publications Office at Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, Penguin Publication Office at Panchsheel Park, New Delhi. 
Software Industry:
• Marubine office, New Delhi, Synapse Communication corporate office, Noida, Audney Information System (p) Ltd. Noida.
• Singapore telecommunication office at Connaught place, British telecommunications, New Delhi


Institutional / Residential Complexes:
REC Jalandhar; British Council Library, Chandigarh; WHO Library, New Delhi; Integrated Livestock Development Projects, Baster; Guru Nanak Welfare Trust School, Kota; 
Sh. S.N.S.A.B Vidyalaya, Gurgaon; Maharaja Agrasen Public School, New Delhi; Manavsthali School’s Air Conditional Library, New Delhi; Medical Plant Conservation Centre for F.R.L.H.T, Bangalore; Workshop Building at I.I.T, Guwahati; Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior; One hostel building/ A.C Mess for 
L.K. Singhania Education Centre, Kota; Officer’s Club & Marriage Hall, Jamia Millia Islamia University; Pollution Control Building, Indore; Fire Station Building, Madurai; Shri Mata Sheetla Devi Mandir Complex, Gurgaon; Jansatta Gr. Housing Society, Vasundhara; Express Projects (P) Ltd., Indirapuram; PRS Engineering College, Dehradun; Green Field Engineering College, Faridabad; Delhi Public School (Harni), Vadodara.



We can execute civil and electrical works for all kinds

of telecommunication towers including Ground based

tower, ground based mast, Roof top Towers etc. and

underground optical fiber cable laying works.

Currently we are executing 4G Reliance JIO infocomm

RTT and other works.

Factories:Flatted Factories complex, UMSS Ltd.,New Delhi: Industrial Explosives Plant, Korba: Shanti Abrasive Synthetic Ltd., Evergreen International, Yash Abrasive Ltd., Standox Information Centre (Gurgaon);Osh-Kosh (Nulon) Export Unit, Noida; Royal Embroidery Export Unit, Faridabad; Bansali Cables & Conductors Ltd., Bhiwadi; Ramayana Exports Unit, New Delhi; MM Creation Export Unit, Manesar; Blessing Enterprises Export Unit, Noida; Involutes Engineering Ltd., Dehradun; Herbs Life sciences Pvt. Ltd., Dehradun; Driplex Water Engineering Ltd., Haridwar.


Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering for coke oven & by product Plant for Bhushan Steel Limited, Meramandali (through PAUL WURTH INDIA PVT. LTD.)



Carried out complete electrification lighting and other electrical works for more than 3 lakh square foot Common Wealth Games Village - Year 2010.

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